Young Canadians and COVID-19

June 8, 2020

COVID-19 affects everyone in Canada but job loss and unemployment rates are disproportionally affecting younger Canadians, already struggling with the recovery of the 2008 economic downturn – the once in a lifetime recession.  71% of Canadians agree that political parties should nominate more qualified younger candidates in places where they actually have a chance of getting elected. 70% agree that we should have term limits so we aren’t governed by career politicians. 63% of Canadians and 73% of parents say politicians must do more to support young families to secure their vote. There’s no time like the present for our leaders and would-be leaders to prove their commitment to supporting Canadian families. Young people struggling in the aftermath of COVID-19 will demand change, and business and political decision-makers would do well to take them seriously. In elections to come, Canadians will be asking themselves who they want leading them out of the wreckage of COVID-19.


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