Forum for Millennial Leadership Conference

September 18th 2018 | Vancouver Convention Centre

Conference 2018

Date: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018
Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3
Cost: $75 + Service Fees

8:00am – Welcome Breakfast, Registration & Networking
9:00am – Opening Address & Early Morning Panels
10:45am – Coffee Break
11:15am – Mid Morning Panels
1:00pm – Conclusion

Description: Join a discussion on the Millennial Generation in their own words: their vision for the future, what is getting in the way, and how we can unlock the next generation of leadership.

The Forum for Millennial Leadership (FML) hosts a high-energy 4-panel discussion featuring prominent Millennial leaders and commentators from business, media, labour, and government.

It’s time Millennials found their voice. FML is here to help.

Avocado toast will not be served at this event.

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Master of Ceremonies

Dan Burritt, Host & Producer, CBC Vancouver News


9:00am – Opening Remarks

Gavin Dew, Founder, Forum for Millennial Leadership


9:15am-10:00am – Data & Discourse

Session Details

Cut through the stereotypes and simplifications with a diverse panel of experts whose experience and research helps to contextualize the Millennial reality, and explain where Millennials stand. What do people think about Millennials, and what do Millennials think about the world? With discussion ranging from the divide between policymakers and Millennial voters, to how gender factors into politics, and beyond.

Mario Canseco, President, Research Co.
Anna Lilly, Senior Vice President & Partner, FleishmanHillard HighRoad
Grace Lore, Professor at the University of Victoria
Stephen von Sychowski, President, Vancouver & District Labour Council

Moderator: Charmaine de Silva, News Director, NEWS 1130


10:00am-10:45am – Then & Now: Young Public Leaders

Session Details

Young people in public leadership is not a new concept. But it is not an easy journey. A multi-partisan group of serving political leaders share their stories of being elected young, learning the ropes, and encountering and overcoming age-related obstacles in public service. Bringing to light tips for young aspiring public leaders, and showcasing how young candidates can become leaders of our cities, province and nation.

Michael Wiebe, Commissioner, Vancouver Park Board
Bowinn Ma, BC MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale
Brad West, City Councillor, Port Coquitlam
Michelle Stilwell, BC MLA for Parksville-Qualicum

Moderator: Iain Black, President & CEO, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade


11:15am-12:00pm – The Next Generation of Municipal Leaders

Session Details

Meet some of the qualified and motivated first-time Millennial candidates running for office throughout Metro Vancouver. Who are they, why are they running for office, and what do they stand for? How do their platforms and priorities differ from older candidates, or from one another? And, how has their candidacy been received to-date?

Dylan Kruger, Candidate for Delta Council
Nicola Spurling, Candidate for Coquitlam Council
Harv Puni, Candidate for Richmond School Trustee
Claire Preston, Candidate for Burnaby Council
Trevor Halford, Candidate for Surrey Council

Moderator: Richard Zussman, Online Reporter, Global News


12:00pm-12:45pm – Millennials in Action

Session Details

Millennials are not a generation of disengaged and entitled whiners who eat too much avocado toast. They are leading and succeeding across all aspects of our economy and society. Meet a diverse group of Millennial leaders from business, media, and labour who shatter stereotypes, and who are actively engaged with Millennials as a generation of workers, consumers, and citizens.

Ian Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO, Bench
Kathryn Stewart, Executive Producer of Network Programming, Corus Radio
Tim Yeung, Director, Development, Peterson Real Estate
Tyler Pronyk, Regional Director, Operations, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.
Kristine St-Laurent, Senior Policy Analyst, Business Council of British Columbia

Moderator: Farhan Mohamed, Editor in Chief & Partner, Daily Hive



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