Countdown to 2019

December 17, 2018

2018 saw a lot of bad press and negativity around Millennials. But that’s not the whole story.

Just about every media outlet published their own version of the story of Millennials struggling with affordability. Millennials were also accused of killing off entire industries – mayonnaise, department stores, nine-to-five jobs, and even divorce… (but, really, the last one might only be bad for divorce lawyers).

But at FML, we reject the negative narrative about Millennials, and we see “green shoots” of opportunity and hope for the largest generation in Canada….

Millennials are getting elected
• Ontario elected ~26% Millennials to the Provincial legislature
32 under-40 candidates were elected as Mayors and Councillors in Metro Vancouver (27) and the Fraser Valley (5)
Millennials are bringing politics directly to the people
Alexandria Osasio-Cortez used Instragram stories to show the inner working of government in an approachable way
Millennials are changing the way campaigns are run
• In Taiwan, the voice of young voters was captured by a young campaign manager
Millennials are ethically minded
• The Deloitte Millennial Survey highlighted how Millennials think about business
Millennials aren’t kids, they are parents
Millennials now form the new generation of parents
Millennials are the largest voting block in Canada
More Millennials are eligible to vote than Baby Boomers

….and yes, (some) Millennials still love Avocado Toast, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

As our generation comes of age, Millennials will continue to have a major impact in 2019, culminating in the Federal election in Canada! It’s time for Millennials to step up, take leadership, get elected, and carve out their place at the table.