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Who is FML?

The non-partisan Forum for Millennial Leadership (FML) is dedicated to strengthening the voice of the largest generation in Canada. We help to #ElectMillennials regardless of party, ideology, or level of government.

The Millennial Reality

FML hosted a Nanaimo provincial by-election debate on Monday, January 21st, just before the start of advance voting. Featuring candidates Sheila Malcolmson (BC NDP), Tony Harris (BC Liberals) and Michele Ney (BC Greens), the conversational and constructive debate was moderated by Richard Zussman of Global BC.

Missed the debate?  You can watch the Global BC Live Stream anytime!

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BC’s provincial by-election in Nanaimo promises to be exciting. With three Millennials just elected to Nanaimo City Council and 15,000 residents under 40 eligible to vote in the by-election, younger voters could be critical to the outcome of one of the most important by-elections in recent memory.

Join candidates Sheila Malcolmson (NDP), Tony Harris (BC Liberal) & Michele Nye (Green) for an engaging debate moderated by Global BC’s Richard Zussman.

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2018 saw a lot of bad press and negativity around Millennials. But that’s not the whole story.  Just about every media outlet published their own version of the story of Millennials struggling with affordability. But at FML, we reject the negative narrative about Millennials, and we see “green shoots” of opportunity and hope for the largest generation in Canada.

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Happy Holidays and a huge thank you for supporting the Forum for Millennial Leadership in its first half year!

After launching this summer, we rolled immediately into our inaugural Conference in September. The FML Conference was a remarkable day filled with young, engaged, and inspiring Millennials who are making a difference in business, government, and the community.


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The municipal elected on Saturday saw 32 candidates under 40 elected as Mayors and Councillors in Metro Vancouver (27) and the Fraser Valley (5).  Progress was made toward electing younger municipal officials, but there is still a long way to go before young people are adequately represented in a region that is among the largest concentrations of Millennials in Canada.

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The Forum for Millennial Leadership (FML) today released fresh opinion research conducted by Research Co regarding municipal elections in BC. The results show that most British Columbians believe electing younger people to City Councils will change their communities for the better.

When presented with a choice of statements about younger candidates running for municipal office, 77% of British Columbians agreed that “I’m hopeful that younger elected officials will help change my community for the better.”

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Why FML?

Millennials know what #FML means.

We are a generation struggling with debt, underemployment, unaffordable housing, rising costs, and falling real wages. We are fighting to survive, to thrive, and to be taken seriously.

The Forum for Millennial Leadership was launched to #redefineFML.

FML is a non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening the collective and constructive voice of Millennials in Canada. We refuse to surrender to pessimism. We reject the stereotype of Millennials as a generation of entitled whiners who are professionally and politically disengaged.

Millennials are now the largest generation in Canada. Increasingly, we vote. But we are disproportionally underrepresented at all levels of government. Waiting and complaining won’t change that. So FML is taking action to help #ElectMillennials regardless of party, ideology, or level of government.

It’s time for Millennials to step up, take leadership, and carve out our place at the table.